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Marketing + PR

Want to shout out to the rooftops that you're da bomb? You need Abbe, the "Mistress of the Listess." Speed dial is her slow setting, as you'll come to discover.

In addition to the absolute creme de la creme of media sources in both editorial and advertising, Abbe's got a way of letting her fingers do the walking...ever hear the old expression, "You get more bees with honey than with vinegar"? Abbe's your candy man, your sugar momma, your sweet-talkin' biggest and bestest ally. No one can resist her charms.

Abbe's worked with mainstream national media like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Associated Press, NY Daily News, BUST, NBC New York, The Advocate, NPR, Perez Hilton, USA Today, The Daily Beast, OK!, WCBS Radio, In Touch and others, not to mention specialized shelter magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, Good Housekeeping and Interior Design AND regional and local news outlets across the United States. In the Hudson Valley, Abbe is on a first-name basis with the complete assortment of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and radio stations.

A Hudson Valley fall travel wrap-up featurings LOTS Of Abbe Does It clients in the Daily News.
Coverage for the ever-expanding O+ Festival in the New York Times.
Eclectic Living by Bari Lynn, who was dubbed "Martha Stewart for Gen X" by Good Morning America -- Abbe co-wrote this!
Great write up for Paul Green/Rock Academy and Woodstock's Michael Lang in the Wall Street Journal!
Gulp! The publicist toots her own horn!

But beyond getting the message out, Abbe's got the big ideas. Thinking outside of the box? HA! Child's play...Abbe kicked that ol' box to the curb sometime ago.

Whether it's website consults with her trusted webster Nan Tepper (and Nan's coding + design posse), graphics and logo design with her super-talented sidekick Jason O'Malley or dreaming up the grooviest giveaways and attention getting goodies with amazing sources, Abbe always has a way to get you and your product or cause noticed.

Abbe's editorial background is one the many reasons her marketing and PR services are so spot-on. Many publicists and marketing consultants have degrees in advertising but Abbe attended the esteemed S.I. Newhouse Journalism School, graduated with a journalism degree and wrote, reported and edited for many years. With such a long and illustrious editorial career behind her, Abbe knows how to grab the attention of editors - and hold it - when she pitches a client. Says Abbe, "I received dozens of press releases each day when I was working in magazine publishing and I could tell by reading the first few sentences of any given release whether or not I would be following up and writing a story on the information supplied. A press release has to be pithy, factual, well-written and just dazzling! THAT'S how to get the attention of time-starved editors everywhere! I know what attracts 'em, baby, and I deliver!"

Client Mary Giuliani featured in a Lexus ad campaign designed for Food Network Magazine.
Client Mary Giuliani featured in a Lexus ad campaign designed for Food Network Magazine.
Client Mary Giuliani featured in a Lexus ad campaign designed for Food Network Magazine.

Abbe also focuses her clients on what she calls "the cubicle test." As she puts it, "I help my clients fine-tune their promotional materials and websites, etc. to really stand out. Once upon a time, we all worked in offices and I like to say that after I've finessed my clients' marketing tools, anyone passing by a cubicle and glancing upon a website or a press packet overseen by Abbe Does It will surely stop and take note. I want my clients' marketing and press materials to literally stop traffic!"

See the Client List for a full list of who Abbe Does It is currently doing!

Abbe's currently overseeing marketing and public relations pushes for more than 65 clients, ranging from celebrity caterers to mystery authors, from not-for-profit environmental groups to fashion designers, from a women’s issues think tank to a pair of international historic home restorers, from restaurateurs to human rights activists. Currently, Abbe is overseeing press and publicity relations for 5 separate Hudson Valley festivals, highlighting literature, music, eco-issues, youth initiatives and national health care reform.

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