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You've got an idea, a concept, a twinkle in your to execute it and make sure everyone stands up and takes notice? One word: Abbe.

Abbe prides herself on her incredible confidence in her decision-making abilities, whether dealing with clients who want to revamp their homes or offices or redo their logos or mission statements. She's got instinct, moxy and the track record to back it up.

Abbey Road Image Design

Abbe's Woodstock Home

Great Jones Image Design

Abbe's NYC Apartment

We now pause for a bit of mindless entertainment. Here's a quote from one of Abbe's favorite movies, Broadcast News (1987 - the shoulder pads! Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks, genius!)

Big time network television bossman: "It must be nice to always believe you know better, to always think you're the smartest person in the room."

Stubborn and talented television producer: "No. It's awful."

Get the picture?

Prior to launching her company, her many clients at NPR member station WAMC Northeast Public Radio, where she oversaw underwriting for much of the Hudson Valley region, relied on her for crafting just the right on-air tag lines to get listeners' attention.

Additionally, Abbe currently works with authors, artists, restaurateurs, graphic designers, hoteliers and other tastemakers who want to be sure they stay not only current on trends in their markets, but that they stay AHEAD of the curve!

Beyond business, Abbe's instinct for "wow" extends to interior design, a passion and a focus of her life for many many years. She's recently finished consulting on a swingin' bachelor pad that's anything but a "mancave" and is currently revamping a client's 'tween daughter bedroom suite, giving it a Bollywood-on-Hudson twist to appease both mother and daughter. Abbe also oversaw the complete remodel and renovation of her homes in Woodstock and Manhattan with stellar results and a nice chunk of change leftover for the kitty. Abbe's sources include European ateliers as well as IKEA; she'll circle the globe to find you the right fixtures, furniture, fabrics and fabulousities, keeping an eye on your wallet or pocketbook as if it were her own!


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