Artful Schmoozing

Artful Schmoozing

Hello Dolly"It's not what you know, it's who you know"...but in this case, we're not talking about how to gain entrance behind the velvet rope at a hot new club or restaurant (although Abbe can do that too, with a snap of the fingers). We're talkin' connections and people-lovin' skills and there is no one better at schmoozing than Abbe!

The same way that some people collect stamps, old LP's or shoes, Abbe collects people. More importantly, she doesn't just collect them, she SAVOURS them. She rolls them around on her tongue like a fine wine, tasting alllllllllll the different parts. And once Abbe has drunk you in, then the champagne corks really get a-poppin', because no one loves celebrating people connections like Abbe!

You see, Abbe is a modern day Dolly Levi - she loves the joy of matchmaking. And while she's not currently offering Yenta services (although she does have 3 fix ups that led to marriages under her belt), she lives to introduce people and sources to each other.

Abbe's got a knack for putting personalities together that always lead to big-time love affairs and success stories. She just happens to know a magazine editor who happens to know a fashion designer who happens to adore dogs who in turn would LOVE to donate some gorgeous frocks for a client's animal charity. And Abbe just happens to know an art dealer who happens to know a photographer who happens to have just moved to the upstate area who happens to be looking for some work who in turn would LOVE to shoot a client's new book at a discount as part of getting his name out into a new community. And Abbe just happens to know a music executive who happens to know an on-air deejay at a big deal radio station who happens to looooooove chocolate who in turn would LOVE to promote a client's new line of truffles in exchange for some delicious freebies. Get it? Got it? Good!

Abbe has a memory like an elephant. Once you enter her mind's database, you are poised to meet some of the most interesting and well connected gang out there. You, your business, your product, your vision, get ready for your close up once the Artful Schmoozer has you in her clutches! Check out What Others Say About Her for some killer testimonials and discover why you haven't lived till you met Abbe!

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